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locksmith ratings

Happy G., San Francisco , ca


You wont beleive haw many time a called these guys out already . I loose my car keys every month . Avaunt Guard locksmtih auto locksmiths know me already so they get me a new car key in minutes , It's nice to have a good local locksmith to depend on.

locksmith ratings

Ken N., San Francisco , CA


lost my keys and needed to get my lock rekeyed called avantguard to come out at night got here in 10 minutes and when they got here I found my keys. felt bad and gave him what ever i had left in my pocket for the trouble. will do business with again, flexible a little on price when i was on a budget and fast service.

locksmith ratings

Heather S., Millbrae, CA


Adam is the best! He was here in less than 15 minutes. Very professional and friendly - and even liked my cat! THANK YOU!

locksmith ratings

Mike G., San Jose, CA


Getting looked out of your apartment is never fun, but they definitely made it a little less painful. Very prompt, and friendly service. Would definitely use again... though I hope I don't have to.

locksmith ratings

Karen N., Oakland, CA


Absolutely one of the vendors you want all your friends to know about.
Locked myself out at 4pm on a Friday - Adam was there in 15 minutes, friendly, knew what he was doing and very reasonable cost.
Also gave me great advice on how to avoid the problem in the future.
What more could you want!?!?!?!? HIGHLY RECOMMEND

locksmith ratings

Ben S., San Rafael, CA


Thank you asaf for saving my day top notch service i had locked my car keys in my car and was in panic mode, so my mom called them to have them open my car and retrieve them. nabbed a business card and will definitely be calling them for any other troubles with locks i may run into :)

locksmith ratings

Dan L., Walnut Creek


I highly recommend Avantguard Locksmith!!

They are always available to help out whenever you need them.

When it's hot and sticky out it always seems as if I can never get my door open! One day I went outside to water my garden and when I went to go back in the door was stuck.

I was a wreck - I had food cooking on the stove and didn't want my house to burn down! Within 15 minutes of calling him I saw him pulling up in the driveway.

Very polite and very neat! My lifesaver!

locksmith ratings

Natalie C., Atherton, CA


Before I found Avantguard Locksmith, I called up another locksmith. This other locksmith not only charged me a lot, but he actually broke my lock trying to open it! Adam was able to fix it the next day, and he did a great job!

locksmith ratings

Ian N., Belmont, CA


Avantguard Locksmith did a great job and even gave me some good advice about where I should and shouldn't leave a spare key.

locksmith ratings

Quincy S., Bay Area, CA


Adam showed up when he said he would, and he re-keyed my apartment in just about fifteen minutes. Thanks, man!

locksmith ratings

Abey J., Brisbane , CA


I am not a patient person , so its a good thing these guys are quick i could not find the keys to lock up my store so i called for a locksmith in the bay area and found Avantguard Locksmith online . Good job Guys !

locksmith ratings

Jerry F, Mission


This guy is amazing . the keys i had for my car were spinning in place , not helping much withopeningmy car . No cell phone battery and at 10pm . Good luck struck and a white van with "Avantguard Locksmith San Francisco" printed on it swing by and i jump with joy . he pulled over and unlocked my car for the normal fee less the service charge.

locksmith ratings

Melissa H., China Town


Some of the Apartments inChinatownarereallyold and have old locks in them makingunbelievablyhard to turn . So one day i got back from work and my key juststoppedworking . I called Avantguard locksmith for help , great guys , fastresponse, cantrecommendthemenough. Thank you guys !

locksmith ratings

Jade A., San Francisco.


Great work guys . The only company whoanswerstheir phone .Unbelievable, you can not find a locksmith at night in San Francisco , all the 411 number go to the same guy who never picks up the phone .Finallyi found Avantguard locksmith online and got my welldeservedservice . Thank U

locksmith ratings

Nate591, San Francisco, CA


Truly the locksmith service that night saved my entire work week. There I was late for a lunch meeting; I had just packed all my presentation equipment in the backseat, started the car, and then remembered I needed my laser pointer. No sooner did I get out, and then automatically locked the car behind me! I was stuck! If not for the rapid appearance, professional service and overall great conduct of the locksmith, I would probably have lost the entire account, and with that my job! Needless to say, whenever I have any need for a locksmith I will call no other.

locksmith ratings

Barry M., San Francisco, CA


All I know is that somehow my keys ended up on the front seat of my car and me and my kids were standing on the outside. It was lucky we called the right locksmith to fix our car lockout. The technician arrived in no time, managed to not make me feel too bad by telling me all the stories of the people that he had helped out over the years. Long story short, he was super professional, had the door open in a flash and I had the kids in and warm within mere moments. If I had to have that happen, I was glad it worked out the way it did.

locksmith ratings

James T, South San Francisco, CA


It was somewhere around midnight, I remember that. My wife and I were just coming home from a drive; we had just bought a new car. Turning into the drive I remember thinking, I hope she has her keys on her. But, alas, no! We didn’t even have the garage door opener. There was no way I was going to climb through a window, not for years anyhow, so I called in the professionals. The locksmith arrived with prompt attention to detail, had us in our front door with hardly any problem at all. The best part is he didn’t even scratch the brass!

locksmith ratings

jennifer .A, San Francisco, CA


It was late summer; I had just moved into town and settled in getting ready for the new semester to start. No sooner had I got all my stuff in a put away then I started noticing that some of my books and things had gone missing. Well, the first time I chalked it up to chance, but after the second or third time I lost the same books, I knew someone was coming in my room. I called mom, she called the best locksmith ever, and he came and had the lock change in and out before the floor monitor even noticed. I haven’t lost a thing since!

locksmith ratings

Melani54, San Jose


I had lost the shift keys. It was my fault, but my boss was gone and I had to have the restaurant open on time. If it wasn’t, it would be my job on the line. Anyway, I tried everything short of breaking the plate glass window before I called in an emergency locksmith. I only wish I had called sooner! The moment the truck pulled up, I knew that a professional was on the job and that the door would soon be open. It was like watching a maestro; the door just seemed to pop open. Guess what? The keys were sitting right there on the counter the whole time!

locksmith ratings

Avind24, South San Francisco, CA


My company had just moved into our new headquarters downtown. We had gotten a great deal on the building, but one of the many factors when moving in was that we would have to completely retool the locks. The locksmith service that we called was entirely professional, prompt and their selection of additional services was amazing. Not only did we get a great deal on the installation, we found a great alarm installation technician. With very little more than that we had have found the answer to our start up issues. This is one locksmith service I recommend to all of my friends and colleagues.

locksmith ratings

Jhoneslo12, San Francisco, CA


See, I like to hike. So, we had gotten up and driven way up into the mountains to our favorite trail head. Up about a mile a half of dirt road before you finally get the pull out, we set out on our regular overnight hike. With many misadventures along the way, needless to say, we lost the backpack with the keys in it. We were lucky that we were able to get a service on our cell because we found we were a victim of car lockout. The locksmith came all the way out, no complaint and saved the day!

locksmith ratings

DanielLevin45, San Francisco, CA


My parents had gone skiing for the weekend, leaving me all alone for the first time. It was a big deal. Friday, the very first night, I stayed out just a little late and had Jenny drop me off at the curb. I had left the porch light on, so I didn’t think anything of it. I got the door and discovered I was a house lockout! I couldn’t call my parents; they would never let me alone again! So, I called a professional locksmith. He showed up super quick, got me in no time, and even promised not to tell dad!

locksmith ratings

Avery G, San Jose


We just closed on the biggest, oldest, and by far most expensive house that we had ever bought. There were about a dozen different old outside doors, each with their own key. We quickly found out that we needed a Master Key system. So we called in the locksmith for the lock change. It was not an issue to find a complete lock system, all that would open to the same key! That saved us so much hassle that it entirely changed our moving in experience. Along with the new alarm system he helped install our move in was complete! Very positive.

locksmith ratings

James m., San Francisco, CA


I don’t want to gush, but, I really have to. My emergency locksmith really saved me and my family home. I had gone off to work and my daughter had come home from school to find herself locked out. Looking through the window she noticed that I had left the stove on. Now, I work about an hour away, and she knew she had to do something fast. So, she ran next door and called the emergency locksmith. I was so proud! When he got her and my neighbor in, he went right over and moved the pan before it melted!

locksmith ratings

leon c, san francisco


It was my birthday and I was out celebrating. The moment I shut the car door, a feeling of panic hit because I couldn’t feel my car keys in my back pocket. Looking around I saw them sitting on the driver seat. A feeling of frustration hit because I knew my night was over and I was going to spend all day waiting for someone to come help.
However, when I called AvantGuard Locksmith in san francisco, they were there in less than 20 minutes. A few moments later they had my car door open and I was on my way to enjoy the evening. If I am ever in need of locksmith services while in San Francisco I know who I’m calling.

locksmith ratings

roberta l, san francisco CA


After purchasing our new home, my wife and I decided to have all the locks replaced, and with one click of the mouse we found the perfect company to help. San Francisco Locksmith quickly arrived at our home and walked us through their process. What was even better is that we were given a ten percent discount on the job because we ordered their services online.
The employee was very professional and took us through our options while answering all our questions, showing his experience on the job. By the end of the next day, all the locks in our home were changed. I would gladly recommend this company as the best locksmith service in San Francisco.

locksmith ratings

Elinor K, San Francisco


When my father fell ill, I was going through his office in preparation to take over our family business. My dad was the type to keep mounds of important papers locked away in filing cabinets in his office. Due to his health, Dad’s memory has many lapses, including where he’d placed the cabinet keys. Instead of finding a way to break into each cabinet myself, I called Best Bay for help.
I’ve used Best Bay before and remembered that they also provided commercial locksmith services in San Francisco. Before the day was over, they had sent a locksmith to the office and he helped to get into each filing cabinet. You don’t often get service like this, but when one does, they become a long time customer. Thanks, Best Bay!

locksmith ratings

Adan zinger, South San Francisco


I was locked out of my house and no one was available to help me get in. I thought about breaking a window, but the alarm would go off and the police would be alerted. Using my phone, I did a Google search for locksmith service in San Francisco and came across All City Locksmith.
They quickly got to my house and were able to help me get in. The employee even went beyond the call and replaced the lock that was damaged in order to get me in my house. With the exceptional service they gave me, I know exactly who I’ll be calling if I ever need locksmith service in San Francisco again.

locksmith ratings

ed j, san francisco CA


I was stuck in a parking deck during a night out in San Francisco because I accidentally locked my keys inside my car. After walking around and trying not to panic, I called AvantGuard Locksmith for their help and help is exactly what they did.
In less than 20 minutes, there were at my car and doing what they could get the keys out without causing much damage. They didn’t break my window or pop the lock, which would have caused me to go to a mechanic for repairs.
If you are ever in need of a car lockout service in San Francisco, reach out to AvantGuard first because they are great at their job.

locksmith ratings

Benny summer, san francisco


I was already running late when I stopped on my way to work, but the morning became that much longer when I realized that I locked my keys in the car. I thought my day was going to become worse, but I remember about 24 Hour Towing that serves the San Francisco area.
24 Hour Towing was there within the hour to help me get the keys out. They opened my door and sent me on my way for a low fee. While I was still late to work, I would have been in a worse situation had I not called 24 Hour Towing. They provide the best car lockout service San Francisco and I will not call anyone else in my time of need.

locksmith ratings



When my husband lost his keys to the house, we decided to have all the locks in the house re-done and new keys issued. We called Locksmith San Francisco, who quickly made an appointment for the next day and came to our home.
The employee went through our home and gave us a free estimate on changing all the locks in our home. It was amazing how quickly they had completed the work and proved that they are one of the top emergency rekey service San Francisco. By the end of the evening, we had our new keys and felt safer in our own home.
I would recommend using Locksmith San Francisco to anyone.

locksmith ratings

c Gonzalp, san francisco


When I moved my organization to a new building in San Francisco, the first thought I had was changing the locks to all the doors. You never know who may have an extra pair from the past. I san francisco Locksmith and they were eager to help.
They offered their services 24 hours a day, so finding an appointment time was not a problem. The employee came out to my location to review the work that was needed. In less than two hours’ time, he had completed the re-key process on all the doors of my new building.
This is the only rekey service San Francisco that I would use again.

locksmith ratings

James M., san francisco


I purchased a used car from an auto auction and wanted to make sure that no one with a past set of keys could take it away. I called san francisco locksmith to come and re-key the locks on the vehicle.
The employee set an appointment and met me at my house, where he quickly surveyed the vehicle. In less than an hour, he was able to re-key each of the locks and issue me a new set of keys. The best part was that it didn’t cost nearly as much as I was expecting.
Best Bay offers the best car rekey service in San Francisco.

locksmith ratings

Gerry O., South San Francisco


I was out partying late and was headed home with a new friend when it happened. We got to my car and I spent a few minutes looking foolish as I fumbled through my pockets and couldn’t find my keys. Panic set in for a moment, but I quickly looked up a locksmith in the area. Avant Guard came up, so I gave them a call.
In 15 minutes they were at my car and in another 10 the door was open. That quickly they came out to provide the best emergency locksmith service in San Francisco. Avant Guard was easily the saviors of my Saturday night.

locksmith ratings

h. KARMAN, san francisco CA


I was shocked when I heard my car key snap while I was trying to unlock the door. My key had broken off and was jammed in the lock. I didn’t know what to do, but my friend suggested that I call 24/7 Locksmith san francisco to handle the problem.
After the call, they came out to the store location very quickly. In a matter of moments, the employee removed the broken section of my key from the lock and had created a new car key. All for a very low price that completely blew me away.
I would not use any other emergency locksmith service in San Francisco other than san francisco locksmith.

locksmith ratings

ross J., san francisco


Nothing is worse than walking out of the house and realizing that you left your keys. When that happened to me, I started to panic but remembered that my husband gave me the card for San Francisco Locksmith. I called the number and they were quick to get on the scene.
The employee was able to get into my house without causing any damage to my lock or the door. He even offered to make me an additional set of keys if needed- all for a low rate.
san francisco Locksmith was what I needed to help me when I found myself locked out of the house. They are the best in providing emergency locksmith service San Francisco.